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The Ultimate Players' Club      

If you want to feel like a high roller without spending like one, American Casino Club is for you. Membership to the club gives you everything you need to make your next trip to the casino a winner. American Casino Club provides information on how to save thousands with cash back bonuses, discounted room rates, and player comps. We also help you get there with rental car discounts and easy airline reservations.

American Casino Club was developed as an easy and entertaining way for players to get the most out of their casino trips. From group activities to discounts exclusive to club members, the goal of the club is to optimize every casino outing. 


All the Deals!

Casinos are always offering incentives, not just to the high rollers. American Casino Club finds those incentives and relays them to you through a comprehensive directory.

Whether you enjoy the excitement of the Craps table or the solitude of a Slot Machine, American Casino Club has something for you. American Casino Club provides individual travel discounts as well as group tours where members can meet and share the gaming experience. 

Gaming is America's new favorite pastime and American Casino Club is the Ultimate Players' Club.

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