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Consumer Advice: Winter 2002 - 2003 Issue

Wheelin’ ’n’ Dealin’ in Downtown Las Vegas!
by H. Scot Krause
Too often, visitors to the Las Vegas Strip miss out on fabulous downtown Las Vegas and all it has to offer. While the downtown casinos vie for market share against the mighty casino giants on the Strip, tourists can take advantage of the increased benefits of playing and staying downtown!
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Casino Consumer - Downtown Las Vegas
by Steve Bourie
Downtown Las Vegas has always offered good values to gamblers and in this issue we’ll take a look at some of them.
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The Casino Gourmet
The newly remodeled Limericks Steakhouse on the second floor of Fitzgeralds in downtown Las Vegas offers fine dining in an Irish castle-like setting.
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Dr Z’s Mathematics of Game - Winning Without Thinking
by William Ziemba
I recommend Nick Mordin’s, Winning Without Thinking: A Guide to Horse Race Betting Systems (Aesculus Press, UK).
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Gambling and the Law - The World’s Only Gambling Court
by I. Nelson Rose
Is compulsive gambling a disease? The prevailing view in the law is that gambling is a vice. Compulsive gamblers who destroy their lives may be pitied, but they are punished for their moral weakness, not treated.
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Gaming Book Reviews
by Nick Christenson
Latest book reviews by Nick Christenson.
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