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Games of Chance: Winter 2002 - 2003 Issue

Basics of Keno
The ancient game of Keno was developed in the orient and introduced to America by Chinese railroad workers in the 1800’s. It is currently played in almost every casino of size the world over.
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Keno or Yes?
by Frank Scoblete
Many casino games can be traced to antiquity; still others are associated with specific historical moments in time and place. Today’s casino game of Keno is one such, with its roots in Chinese prehistory and history, as well as having a specific historical significance for Americans.
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Advantage Player - How to Execute a Controlled Shot
by Jerry Patterson
If you’re a right-handed shooter, throwing from stick-left, you will stand parallel to the table with the arm rail across your front mid-section.
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Hot New Slots
by Scotch Henderson
Scotch Henderson reviews the latest slots machines to hit casino floors.
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Interview with Slotland
by John Hill
Customer Support is a key component for running a successful online casino. Slotland, established in 1998, has earned many awards in this category and is well known in the online industry for providing players with unparalleled support.
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