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Sports Betting: Winter 2002 - 2003 Issue

Basics of Basketball Handicapping
by Ernie Kaufman
Before you start your basketball wagering you will first have to find someone to take your action; hence, enter the bookmaker!
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Why Bet Basketball?
by Rob Gillespie
With the football season slowly winding down, many bettors seem to feel that the betting season is over as well. I personally feel, however, that basketball may be easier to bet on and that is what I want to talk about today.
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The Fat Man Rocks - Ranting and the College Bowl System
by Ernie Kaufman
I’m amazed how most football bettors find a way to lay points on the road in their pro football wagering. This has been a losing proposition for decades and it continues to be such in 2002.
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It All Started with Soccer
by Will Roseff
Soccer started in England. Two teams try and kick the round ball into the opponent’s goal. Rule No.1 is that you do not touch the ball with your hands. One day, at Rugby school, a boy named William Webb Ellis became bored with the game. Maybe it was the lack of goals. Whatever the reason, he decided to pick up the ball and run with it, and thus was born “Rugby Football.”
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Sportsbook Review - VIPSportsZone Sportsbook and Casino
by J. Phillip Vogel
Great design...check. Wide selection...check. Effective security...check.
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Changing Leads - A New Year’s Wish List
by Paul Volponi
Since the inception of this column, many race fans have contacted me wanting to see changes in the sport. Their concerns are the basis of this wish list for the coming new year.
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Winning at the Dog Track - Pick Your Profit Pool
by Bill McBride
At the greyhound track bettors usually have as many as 12–14 wagering pools to select from.
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Can You Mix Football With Basketball and Survive?
by Mickey Charles
The football season, NFL and college, has just about wound down and, in the midst of spirals filling the air, along comes basketball, NBA and college versions.
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