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Wisdom: Winter 2002 - 2003 Issue

Caro on Gambling - The Search for Poker in the Ozarks
by Mike Caro
I’ve relocated Mike Caro University of Poker to the Ozarks, where poker seems misunderstood. I’m not far from Branson, Missouri, secluded in a forest on Table Rock Lake, waiting for poker students to flock to my remote outpost.
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Roberts’ Rules - Pearl Harbor, Again?
by Stanley Roberts
Americans hate sneak attacks. They are the work of cowards. Any nation or group who has perpetrated such an offense against us has felt our wrath and been very sorry for the ultimate result.
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If Somebody Asked Me, I’d Say - Compelled to Clear the Record
by Mort Olshan
Throughout the years, I have read so many erroneous stories about the Minneapolis Gorham Press (the office that for years established the national sports-betting line) that I feel compelled to clear the record.
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Gambling Psychology - Winning is a Verb
by James A. McKenna, Ph.D.
There are players, who watch things happen, players who make things happen, and those who end up broke, asking, “What happened?”
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Indian Gaming - Isleta Casino and Resort
by Mark Van Norman
Isleta means “Little Island” in Spanish, but Isleta is hardly little. From the Manzono Mountains to the mesas of Pio Puerco, the Isleta Pueblo lies in the Rio Grand Valley just seven miles south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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Gambling in the U.S. Military
by Byron Liggett
Americans have always been gamblers. We waged war to win our freedom, and then created a system based on the principles of democracy and free enterprise—perfect conditions for a nation of risk-takers.
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