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The World of Poker Sites and Poker Forums

When creating a online poker site, how do you achieve a steady stream of visitors? A general advice is to work with user interactivity: The ability for visitors to communicate and express themselves on the site is a strong incentive to come back and visit it repeatedly.

Online poker communities

What better idea then for an operator on the poker market than building a user community around the game of poker? This can be achieved for example by launching a poker forum where site visitors can discuss poker and related subjects at their ease. With the rapidly growing poker community in the internet, a lot of poker sites and other operators in the online poker business have imbibed this advice, and the number of online poker forums is steadily growing as you read this. While the primary business of a poker site is to run poker games between its users, poker forums provide a facility that lets people discuss poker as well as related subjects that they themselves define. Users freely create discussions (threads) and reply to entries in existing discussions, which might grow to hundreds of entries over time. Poker forums are usually divided into separate sections, or sub forums, each open for discussions within a certain area, such as Texas Hold'em Strategy, Bankroll Requirements, Poker Site, Poker bonus, and so on.

Poker forums and online poker guides

A third kind of site besides poker sites and poker forums is the online poker guide, such as or Online poker guides provide online poker players with updated information about poker sites, current poker bonuses, poker books, and much more. To increase the value for their users, poker forums and poker guides often join in partnerships with poker sites. Through the partnerships they are able to provide their users with special bonuses and other offers from the poker sites. To keep up with the competition, poker sites more and more try to create their own user communities by supplying poker forums in connection with their sites. For example, has run its popular “Pokah!” forum for a long time.

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