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Play online slots now at Spin Palace Casino!

Easy, exciting and great fun to play, slot games have always been one of the most popular attractions in both traditional and online casinos.

Why? Well, part of the attraction of online slots is the many different versions of the games offered. The innovative variations in rules and gameplay means new games are constantly being released and offer something new and unique, while exciting graphics and sounds add to the overall gaming experience.

Slot games offer the attractive prospect of winning the biggest jackpots around. Online Slots pay out bigger jackpots than any other casino game offered with jackpots regularly exceeding $2 000,000, turning hundreds of people into millionaires in seconds!

All slot games have the same concept: Spin the reels and when they stop if symbols line up to form a winning combination – a large payout is due to you the player. The more lines and coins you are betting the more money you will win. On offer are 3 and 5 reel slots with paylines ranging from 3 up to a massive 40!!

Want to play slots? Well take your pick of the incredible selection of slots games on offer at Spin Palace Casino – one of 7 online gaming sites owned by The Palace Group.

Shortly after its launch in early 2002, Spin Palace Casino won the prestigious ‘Best New Casino' award and has gone on to win a host of other awards. Now in its 4th year of operation, Spin Palace is recognised as one of the biggest and most respected online casinos in the industry.

Payouts on all games are reviewed by a top international auditing firm and games feature the latest cutting edge graphics and sounds. Few casinos in the world can offer the range of games and size of jackpots that Spin Palace does.

There is little doubt that slots are their speciality and with over 100 different slot machines for you to choose from you are spoilt for choice! Why not try Major Millions 3 Reel Progressive Slot. One of the most popular video slots at Spin Palace Casino – it is a great game and without doubt, the most attractive feature of this game is the Progressive Jackpot – often exceeding $1 000,000!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the generous Welcome Bonus at Spin Palace - 300% Match Bonus up to $150 Free - designed to get you off to a winning start!
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History of Slots

A San Francisco man named Charles Fey invented the very first Slot machine in 1895, a machine that is now found in a museum in Reno, Nevada. Fey did not intend on making Slot history by doing so, he was simply trying to make an extra buck by selling it to an online casino for half of its profits. He would later go on to be a Slot machine entrepreneur, but the most important one was the first that he invented.

This first Slot machine was quite rudimentary, but still looked much like the Slots machines we have today. It had an arm (prompting the nickname 'One-Armed Bandit') and three reels with symbols on it.

In 1907, Fey teamed up with Mills Novelty Company to perfect his Slot machine. They made it out of cast iron with feet that had toes carved into it and was called the "Mills Liberty Bell". It had a bell that rang when you won. Later, the cast iron was replaced with lighter wood, and now today's metal Slot machines. The Mills Novelty Company also invented themes, which are still used today. They made different themes for their Slot machines, such as ships or colored themes in order to entice more players.

By the 1940s, Slot machines were being used in Las Vegas, then a start-up city. Bugsy Siegel first put them in his casinos, seeing the potential for them. His hunch was right, as today Slot machines comprise up to 65% of any casino's intake. A popular feature is the progressive slot jackpots.

From this earliest machine in Slots history came the ones we have today. Modern-day Slot machines have up to five reels and 20 symbols on them. Slot machines no longer have feet, though the same basic design is used, including the bell sound to alert of a win. There are also now Video Slot machines that can have 20 or more paylines and resemble a television screen where the reels would normally be. We even have Video Poker Slot machines, which is basically a Slot machine where you play 5-card Poker instead of watching reels spin. Not to mention all the different online slots you can play today.

All of this from a young patent clerk with a dream, one that is today likely more successful than he ever could have dreamed.

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