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Halftime Wagering
by Rob Gillespie
Your may be able to take advantage of the lines - pay the favorite laying fewer points.

The Fat Man Rocks - Betting Pro Football Totals
by Ernie Kaufman
Sportsbetting is currently taking quantum leaps in popularity throughout all of North America. A consequence is that the public requires more varied forms of wagering in their sports gambling.

A View From Across the Pond - Differences Indeed!
by Will Roseff
As a “Brit” I have two objectives when writing pieces for our America cousins. First is to inform you about the betting market over here, and second to comment on the peculiarites, in our eyes, of the American betting market.

Sportsbook Review - Bodog Sportsbook and Casino
by J. Phillip Vogel
Akin the the mythological Cerberus, a snarling iconic canine sentry guards the entrance to, setting the stage for an unforgettable online sportsbetting experience.

Changing Leads - Head2Head: A Way to Go
by Paul Volponi
Good news again fro the everyday horseplayer! The Breeders’ Cup World Thouroughbred Championships are trying to attract new business from the casual or novice player.

Winning at the Dog Track - Which Pool to Wager Into?
by Bill McBride
Greyhound fans usually have a selection of pools in which they can wager. As well as win, place, or show bets, the dog player can also choose from more exotic wagers.

The Men in the Frontcourt
by Todd Sorensen
The most agile athletes in the world are constantly dodging 150 mile-per-hour fastballs in an ancient sport known as Jai-Alai.

Are Handicappers Just That, a Handicap?
by Mickey Charles
That Time of year is finally here. It is the cause of conundrum for anyone north of the Mason Dixon Line, those of us who are forced to bid adieu to the summer while getting sweaters out of the cedar closet.

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NFL Football
College Football
NBA Baskeball
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How to Handle the 2002 Football Season
By Ernie Kaufman
The Bottom Line in U.S. and U.K. Sportsbooking
By Will Roseff
By Paul Volponi
Wagering to Win at the Dog Races
By Bill McBride
Parity. Finally. Maybe
By Mickey Charles

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