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NFL Football

Can You Mix Football With Basketball and Survive?
The football season, NFL and college, has just about wound down and, in the midst of spirals filling the air, along comes basketball, NBA and college versions.
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Halftime Wagering
Your may be able to take advantage of the lines - pay the favorite laying fewer points.
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The Fat Man Rocks - Betting Pro Football Totals
Sportsbetting is currently taking quantum leaps in popularity throughout all of North America. A consequence is that the public requires more varied forms of wagering in their sports gambling.
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Are Handicappers Just That, a Handicap?
That Time of year is finally here. It is the cause of conundrum for anyone north of the Mason Dixon Line, those of us who are forced to bid adieu to the summer while getting sweaters out of the cedar closet.
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The Fat Man Rocks - How to Handle the 2002 Football Season
At the moment the final whistle is blown for the Super Bowl I start counting the days until the next football season is upon us...
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Parity. Finally. Maybe.
I appears that the NFL may finally have made one of their fondest wishes come true - giving credence to the adage that “Any team on any given day can best another...”
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The Fatman Speaks - Football Handicapping 2001 Style
Finally, after a seven-month drought of non-combative sports, football is back!
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Time to Dust off those NFL Stats
Veteran sports journalist Mickey Charles gets you ready to match wits with your bookmaker for the 2001 football season...
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The NFL and the Point Spread
The man Las Vegas bookies fear the most, legendary sports bettor Lem Banker, give us a bettor's eye view of sports hypocrisyin America...
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NFL Football Lottery
Several states, including Delaware, Oregon, and Kentucky, have considered the possibility of offering lotteries based on the results of National Football League games, and Oregon actually put such a lottery into operation...
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