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Columns by Bill McBride
Winning at the Dog Track

Pick Your Profit Pool
At the greyhound track bettors usually have as many as 12–14 wagering pools to select from. Along with the usual win, place, and show pools will be the “semi-exotic” wagers, such as daily doubles, perfecta/exactas, and quinielas.
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Which Pool to Wager Into?
Greyhound fans usually have a selection of pools in which they can wager. As well as win, place, or show bets, the dog player can also choose from more exotic wagers.
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Wagering to Win at the Dog Races
Learning how to handicap greyhound races is a start toward profit at the track. However, the world’s best dog handicapper can only expect to be 20% better than the average fan. And the crowd only picks the winning dog 25–28% of the time...
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How to Find “No Shows”
Many winners at the dog tracks wager into trifecta pools, selecting dogs most likely to win, place and show. These successful bettors focus on one strong selection to bet into the win position...
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Wagering on Dog Races in Casinos
As greyhound racing becomes more popular races are being simulcast to off-track wagering sites, and to other racetracks, even horse tracks...
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The Fastest Dog Wins Most Races
In greyhound racing there are approximately 17 handicapping-factors that can be measured and compared; some more, or less, pertinent...
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Money Management For Greyhound Players
Whenever you set about to increase your holdings, some degree of risk is involved. In general it is axiomatic not put more at risk than we can "afford" to lose…
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