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Proof That My Roulette System Works
Caro on Gambling
by Mike Caro

Last issue I gave you a Roulette system that cut the house edge to literally zero. Since then I’ve been getting hostile feedback from some who think I made a mistake in my calculations. I didn’t!

I’ve maintained that under the rules of the game you can’t beat Craps and Roulette in the long run. You do have a chance of beating games like Poker, Blackjack, and sports handicapping—games where decisions actually matter before you place the bet. Despite this, I decided to tackle the casino’s edge at Roulette, which is 5.26 percent on the most common bets, and see if there was a scientific solution that could cut this to nothing. Well, I succeeded. Last issue, I shared my solution with you. It was a stunning system called Caro’s Roulette System #1. Let’s examine it and see why it works.

Here’s how numbers on an American Roulette wheel are arranged. Begin with zero, move clockwise (left to right), jump down to double zero on the right and continue clockwise (now right to left), jump up to zero again, and continue round and round as many times as you like. Got it? Here’s the arrangement of numbers on the wheel (G: green; B: black; R: red):

G0 B28 R9 B26 R30 B11 R7 B20 R32 B17 R5 B22 R34 B15 R3 B24 R36 B13 R1 B2 R14 B35 R23 B4 R16 B33 R21 B6 R18 B31 R19 B8 R12 B29 R25 B10 R27 G00

Caro’s Roulette System #1 Examined I wrote: “I’m going to give you a secret Roulette system that really works. It will cut the house advantage to literally nothing, if you believe in it enough to never get frustrated and switch tactics. First, never bet simply red or black. Also don’t bet odd or even. These are equally poor, consistently losing wagers. Second, don’t be suckered into betting zero or double zero. This may seem like you’re betting with the house, but for technical reasons you are actually betting against the house—and you are taking the worst of it.”

Result so far (numbers that are still playable): B28 R9 B26 R30 B11 R7 B20 R32 B17 R5 B22 R34 B15 R3 B24 R36 B13 R1 B2 R14 B35 R23 B4 R16 B33 R21 B6 R18 B31 R19 B8 R12 B29 R25 B10 R27

I wrote: “In order to negate the house advantage, you must stick to straight non-green number bets. All odd red numbers turn out to be bad choices, based on over two trillion computer trials. Don’t bet them.”

Result so far: B28 B26 R30 B11 B20 R32 B17 B22 R34 B15 B24 R36 B13 B2 R14 B35 B4 R16 B33 B6 R18 B31 B8 R12 B29 B10

I wrote: “All even black numbers fair poorly, and cannot be bet, for much the same reason, which I won’t explain here.”

Result so far: R30 B11 R32 B17 R34 B15 R36 B13 R14 B35 R16 B33 R18 B31 R12 B29

I wrote: “Any bet you decide to make must cover only even red or odd black numbers. There are no exceptions. Finally, you need to be very disciplined in excluding the number 30.”

Result so far: B11 R32 B17 R34 B15 R36 B13 R14 B35 R16 B33 R18 B31 R12 B29

I wrote: “. . . and the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including 14.”

Result so far: All Numbers eliminated!

So, you can see that, under scientific scrutiny, Caro’s Roulette System #1 does as promised: cuts the house edge to literally zero. Most casinos will allow you to play the system, but don’t expect to be comped. Do we understand each other now?

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