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The PartyPoker Million
Tournament Poker
by Mike Sexton

For those looking for an exciting, affordable tournament with big prize money, the PartyPoker Million (PPM) might be for you. The PPM is a Limit Hold’em tournament with a guaranteed first prize of $1,000,000! (Yes, that’s six zeroes!) The total estimated prize pool is $2.6 million. This makes the PPM the second largest poker tournament in history (behind the $10,000 buy-in championship event(s) at the WSOP). Here’s the best part: the PPM is a tournament for everyone. It will appeal to the little guy and the high-rollers. Players may buy-in for $22 and progress through the Preliminary and Semi-Finals (by playing online) or may pay an $8000 entry fee and enter the Finals directly.

Think about this: for $22, the cost of going to the movies (and getting some popcorn), you can play a fun and exciting tournament and perhaps win a luxurious seven-day cruise for two, $500 in cash, and the chance to win $1,000,000! Yes, only one person wins the million, but 100 players will each win the cruise for two and $500 in cash, and based on entry expectations, 36 players will be “in the money” (with 36th place paying $10,000).

How can this be? Where does the money come from? Well, the PartyPoker Million is a tournament that combines online poker with a “live” championship final. This combination of online and off-line tournaments will revolutionize poker tournaments, as we now know them. It’s the biggest breakthrough for poker in years, perhaps ever. Million dollar purses could increase dramatically in the future because of this unique combination of online and off-line tournaments. The PPM is the first step.

Here’s how it works. The PPM Preliminary and Semi-Finals will he held online at The PPM Finals will be a “live” championship event held aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Elation, March 10–17, 2002 (departing and returning to San Pedro, CA). The PPM Finals will be hosted and conducted by Linda Johnson and Card Player Cruises.

Here’s how you can play. Go to and play a $22 buy-in one-table PPM tournament. You can play 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To advance to the Semi-Finals, you must win a Preliminary tournament to be played now thru January 24, 2002 but you may play as many as you wish and may qualify twice.

The PPM Semi-Finals will be held on five days (January 31, February 1, 2, 3, & 4, 2002). Players will choose which day(s) of the Semi-Finals they wish to play. Those who win two Preliminary tournaments must play their Semi-Finals on different days. Each day of the Semi-Finals will consist of two rounds of one-table tournaments. Depending on the number of Preliminary winners, players will either have to win or place 1st and 2nd in round 1 and must win round 2 to advance to the Finals. Twenty players each day (a total of 100 players) will advance to the PPM Finals for an experience of a lifetime.

The Finals will be held aboard the Elation on a Card Player Cruise (departing and returning to San Pedro, CA) March 10–17, 2002. One hundred players will qualify from the Semi-Finals and up to 200 additional players may enter the Finals by paying an $8000 entry fee plus the cost of the cruise. Registration of these additional entries is on a first-come, first-serve basis and only 200 seats are available. Those who pre-register with Card Player Cruises and then win a Semi-Final will get their deposit/entry fee back in full. All of the “additional” entry fee monies will go to the prize pool for places 2–36.

Poker is entering an exciting new age. We are not only expanding in brick and mortar poker rooms but online poker rooms as well. The advent of online poker players will create a larger base of poker players throughout the world. Brick and mortar casinos will benefit from this growth and that is good for the entire industry.

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