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Las Vegas Slot Club Refund Program
Casino Consumer
by Steve Bourie

In Las Vegas both Harrahs and the Rio have discontinued their “Play $100 On Us” promotions. These unique pro-motions allowed new slot club members to be rebated slot losses of up to $100 incurred during the first day of using their card. With the discontinuation of these promotions by the two Harrahs owned properties this leaves the Stratosphere as the only casino in town to offer a special rebate program for new slot club members.

Originally started in June 2000 the Stratosphere’s program was similar to Harrahs except they took it one step further by guaranteeing players that they would actually win money. The Stratosphere’s program refunded losses up to $125, plus they gave you back an extra 10% that guaranteed that you could walk away as a winner. However, on January 1, 2002, the Strat revamped their program and the Guaranteed Refund Slot Gaming Program, as it is now called, guarantees a refund of 15% (up to $100) of any machine play, win or lose, for new members of the Stratosphere Player’s Club. While the benefits have been slightly reduced, it is still a great value and here’s how it works.

The program only applies to new slot club members, it’s only valid for visitors to Las Vegas (residents of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City are not eligible), and you can only use it one time. To be eligible you need to sign up for a new Stratosphere Player’s Club membership and then use your slot club card every time you play any slot or video poker machine. The casino will then reimburse 15% of your coin-in (the total sum of money that is put in to play the machines), for any denomination from nickels up to $100, during the first thirty minutes of your play. The maximum amount you can get refunded is $100 and the required thirty minutes of play doesn’t have to be consecutive, it can be broken up over several sessions but it must be completed within twenty-four hours of signing up for the card. That’s the good news.

The bad news, however, is that the money is not given back to you on the spot. Instead, it’s mailed to you two weeks later at your home address in the form of a voucher and you have to bring it back to the casino within one year in order to get your cash. Along with your cash voucher you will probably also receive some sort of discounted room offer, plus a free pass for two to the Stratosphere’s observation tower. If you know you’re going 0to return to Las Vegas then this is a great program because you know you will get some money back, however, if you’re not going to return to Las Vegas then the program may be worthless to you. For more information on the Guaranteed Refund Slot Gaming Program call the Stratosphere’s Player’s Club at (800) 946-7771 or visit their website at

This story was first published in the October - November 2002 issue of Gambling Times Magazine.

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