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Columns by Todd Sorensen
The Fastest Column in the World

The Men in the Frontcourt
The most agile athletes in the world are constantly dodging 150 mile-per-hour fastballs in an acinient sport known as Jai-Alai.
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Jai-Alai Thoughts and Hopes for 2002
The tail end of 2001 dealt several blows to the Jai-Alai industry. After December 12, live action ceased to exist in the state of Connecticut when the Milford Jai-Alai fronton played its last performance…
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Superfectas—The Nine-Point Game
Superfecta games in Jai-Alai change the betting landscape. Superfecta matches are played to 9 points instead of the normal 7 and determine the first four places of finish instead of three…
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Jai-Alai’s Equipment
What is it and how does it affect the game and betting strategy? The cesta is a woven masterpiece. Individually handcrafted with it famous…
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The Fastest Column in the World - Jai-Alai
It's a breathtaking sport played by some of the most agile athletes in the world. It's played with a pelota, a rock-hard ball five-sixths the size of a baseball, and with the explosive bounce of a golf ball…
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